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Going Global.

As China continues to astound onlookers with its magnificent growth, Chinese companies too are growing rich. Chinese companies now look globally for new opportunities, in search of growth and new markets. It has been reported that 40% of Chinese manufacturing companies have tentative plans to expand globally. Through methods such as direct investment, asset acquisition and market penetration the Chinese company is truly 'Going Global'.

However the passage to the West is not an easy one, and because of this many Chinese companies are apprehensive about making the move to go global. Relatively few Chinese companies have gone global, and those that have by and large have been restrained. 60% of investments by Chinese companies have been under $1millionUSD.

The reasons for this restraint are obvious. Whereas American and European companies have been operating in and working with China for over 30 years now, the story of China in the West is young. Chinese companies have met difficulties in the West, just as Western companies in the past met with difficulties in China. Cultural differences form barriers to efficient management, as does the language gap.

For this reason CBN has emerged as a leader in the field for Chinese companies looking for help when going global. CBN provides the same professional services to Chinese companies in the West, that it has offered to Western companies operating in China for over three decades, giving them the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in a foreign marketplace.